The mountain shots are all moody and a bit somber in keeping with the occasion - Thommo's memorial service - I have rendered them in a variety of ways - not much there to go on I'm afraid. Originals: 2009-07-30 (taken from Ngatimaru Road - some before the school the rest down by the Tikorangi Road corner)
photophoto-2photo-3photo-4photo-5photo-6photo-7photo-8original30-Jul-09 17:3630-Jul-09 17:4330-Jul-09 17:4430-Jul-09 17:45IMG_628030-Jul-09 17:4630-Jul-09 17:4630-Jul-09 17:4630-Jul-09 17:466-Feb-12 09:5431-Dec-11 17:55