This gallery is unedited, straight off the camera, and most annoyingly, I forgot to set the camera to NZST so the file names are all an hour out. Unedited because I didn't quite realise what I was letting myself in for when I popped down to take a few photos. I have selected a few to edit and they can be found next door in today's Day gallery (well, when I get there later today). Selected photographs from today will form part of a broader Cambridge project I am engaged in finding the photographs a brief explainer is here.
2023-09-24 07.58.432023-09-24 08.00.332023-09-24 08.00.402023-09-24 08.00.472023-09-24 08.01.172023-09-24 08.01.362023-09-24 08.01.592023-09-24 08.02.422023-09-24 08.02.442023-09-24 08.03.012023-09-24 08.03.322023-09-24 08.03.402023-09-24 08.03.422023-09-24 08.04.022023-09-24 08.04.302023-09-24 08.04.412023-09-24 08.04.442023-09-24 08.04.492023-09-24 08.05.052023-09-24 08.05.20