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These are the official KWTJubilee photographs. If you wish to place an order kindly email at or through the KWTJubilee website.
Whitehall School 24/9/2010Whitehall School 24-09-2010Karapiro School 24/9/2010Karapiro School 24-09-2010Whitehall School 1930s and 1940sWhitehall School 1930s -1940sWhitehall School 1950sWhitehall School 1950sWhitehall School 1960sWhitehall School 1960sWhitehall School 1970sWhitehall School 1970sWhitehall School 1980sWhitehall School 1980sWhitehall School 1990sWhitehall School 1990sWhitehall School 2000sWhitehall School 2000sWhitehall School staffWhitehall School staff